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Within the child, lies the fate of the future

At Deerfields Nursery, our educational daycare begins with a deep respect for your child’s eagerness to learn and capacity to develop meaningful relationships. We believe that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults can provide the basis for a lifelong love of learning. Our dedicated and highly trained teachers focus on creating these nurturing relationships that allow children to feel valued and empowered.

Whatever their age, our priority is always to make sure that every child enjoys a happy and fun-filled day in our secure and welcoming environment because we never forget that nursery is a home from home for children while they are away from their parents.
Warm regards,

Natalie Sengezer
Managing partner / Principal

Our Motto

Our primary focus is the complete development of the student. We focus our attention entirely on the environment and programs that serve to directly benefit the learning experience of the child. Our staffs member are completely dedicated to the children and have extensive certifications, and trainings in EYFS- British Curriculum.

Our Mission & Vision

Deerfields Nursery aims to offer safe and secure child care along with a full time qualified nurse, EYFS-British Curriculum qualified staff members, extracurricular activities as French/Arabic, ballet, gymnastics, karate, yoga, music, art. Close personal attention to each child is essential to providing a quality experience for all children; therefore, adequate staff will be hired to ensure each child has the proper supervision with in our care.


School Year
2016 – 2017