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Our bright and spacious classrooms are very well equipped with toys and resources which have been specially chosen to promote learning and help children develop new skills at every stage in a stimulating environment.  We also have a wide selection of toys available in the outside play area, where children can run, jump, climb and have fun.  Our classes are divided by age and children are placed in the class where we feel they will be best suited. We conduct regular assessments and reviews to determine when the are ready to move to the next learning stage. We have named our classes as Hummingbirds, Blue jays, Sparrows, Seagulls, Falcons, Eagles and Owls to represent our children’s soaring to a brighter future.




The Deerfields Nursery is based in Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi.The facility consists of a 20,000 sq.ft in a quiet neighborhood. Besides the classrooms kitted out with books and resources, there IS huge indoor soft play area, multi-purpose hall, clinic, library& IT room, party house, art atelier, music& gym studio, sleeping room, cooking station, sand pit, picnic area, organic garden, water play area and a massive outdoor playground with a trampoline, simulating traffic area, tricycles, slides, swings etc. to serve, entertain and educate our kids on high standards. All play areas are set up where children can be creative and use their imagination.

Facilities at the nursery include rooms kitted out with books and resources (paints, etc). There indoor play area serves for the days that the weather does not avail kids to play outside such as, heat, rain, sand storm etc. Our outdoor play area with challenging climbing structures, a water play area, grass area, sand pits and discovery garden will give the best to our kids in terms of exploring whilst playing.

The nursery uses ‘outdoor classrooms’ in the cooler weather. Activities available include Mathazone (Mathematics for young learners), gardening, cooking, painting, and drawing.


Deerfields nursery offers extracurricular activities such as French/Arabic, Mathazone (Mathematics for young learners) music, ballet, gymnastics, karate, yoga, art, gardening, cooking, role-play/ drama. Close personal attention to each child is essential to providing a quality experience for all children; therefore, adequate staff will be in charge to ensure each child has the proper supervision within our care. We also have our own dedicated dance and music & dance studio where our children enjoy ballet and tap dancing lessons, along with physical activity on a weekly basis.