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Conditions of Transport:

Due to the responsibility of transporting children on the bus, certain conditions must be met, as set by the Nursery and the RTA:

Bus Children:

Only those children, whose parents have paid for the bus and signed the transport agreement, are allowed to travel on the bus.

  1. Bus Register:

A bus register is created for each bus and the children that travel on each of the buses. It is the responsibility of the Bus Monitor to ensure that the register is completed.

  1. Communication:

Communication between parents and the school is of even more importance for bus children. Parents must ensure they check their child’s school bag each day and their child’s Home School Book. Any urgent information will be passed to the Teacher through Reception.

  1. Bus Monitor:

The Bus Monitor is responsible for completing the Bus Register on a daily basis. The Register is completed as follows –

It is also the Bus Monitors responsibility to ensure that all children safely enter the bus and that all children are seated, with lap belts on before the bus disembarks.

  1. Bus Drivers:

The Bus Driver has a card holder that displays a photo of all children who travel on the bus. The Bus Driver must perform visual checks to ensure that the correct children are on the bus. This is in addition to the checks done by the Bus Monitor.

It is also the responsibility of the Bus Driver to do a thorough check of the bus to ensure all children have disembarked and to collect any belongings that are left on the bus every day once the last child has been dropped off.

The Bus Driver is then required to sign the Bus Register confirming that the check has been completed. The Bus Register remains on the school bus at all times.


The areas of bus services include all areas in Abu Dhabi City, Al Bahia, Khalifa City A&B, Mangrove Village, Between Two Bridges, Al Reef Villas, Mohamed Bin Zayed City and Sas Al Nakeel.

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